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Do you know that only 10-20% of small businesses on the market are sold. The main reason for such poor results is that businesses come to the market unprepared. Objectives while running a business and selling one are quite different, sometimes opposite.

Thus, if you decided to sell, it’s time to make some changes and prepare it for sale.

Take advantage of our proprietary Business Packaging System™ at no additional charge

We will be putting together pieces that add to your business value, thus increasing the purchase price and chances of selling. Make significantly more money from business sale by preparing it properly.

High income doesn't always translate to highER business price

Value is the one that determines the price. In some instances business preparation allowed to double the purchase price, in others it made difference between selling and not selling the business.

The best way to prepare your business for sale is to start it early, preferably 1-3 years in advance. At that time it’s good to find a good business broker and consult how to increase your business value within remaining time period.

Our advice

  • Bring your records to order: accounting, legal, administrative
  • Show as much bottom line as possible
  • Don't claim income that's impossible to prove
  • Avoid "I am the business" situation, create management structure
  • Find and prepare for inspection all agreements, leases and insurance policies
  • Make sure that all agreements, policies and licenses are transferable
  • Prepare detailed list of assets included in sales. For all leased items provide lease terms